Beauty and Modesty should co-exist in the lives of every Christian woman! Christian women should be the most beautiful, gracious, and confident women ever! 3 Tips for Dressing Beautifully & Modest | @ Kristy's Cottage blog

How Should a Pastor’s Wife Dress? {Part 2: the case for beauty}

Thank you so much for hanging on for the ride during this 7 Days of Q&A for Pastor's Wives series! It's been great to interact with you via this blog (I do love your comments!), your emails, and our Facebook group for pastor's wives.  I'm wrapping things up (a day late!) with part two of our How Should a Pastor's Wife Dress? post.  … [Read More...]

Weekend Reads... Or Not | @ Kristy's Cottage

Weekend Reads… Or Not

I don't have any weekend reads for you this weekend! It's been a crazy week on the home front, and we wrapped up homeschooling just in time to throw a few … Keep Reading...

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